Course Syllabus


Notes - Intro to Safety Symbols
Internet Link - WHMIS Symbols
Assignment -

Notes - Matter (Feb 5th)

Notes - Chemical and Physical Properties and Changes
Practice Worksheet - Chemical vs Physical Properties
Practice Worksheet - Chemical vs Physical Changes

Notes - Density Notes
Worksheet - Density Worksheet
Worksheet #2 - Chapter 1 Density Worksheet
Worksheet #3 - Density Worksheet #2
Lab - Density Blocks

Notes - Particle Theory
Worksheet - Elements, Compounds, Solutions, and Mixtures

Notes - Periodic Table Introduction
Handout Sheet - Periodic Table
Worksheet - Intro to Finding Elements on the Periodic Table
Worksheet - Counting Atoms 1
Worksheet - Counting Atoms 2
Video Link - History of the Periodic Table

Notes - Intro to Electrons, Neutrons, and Protons
Worksheet -
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Notes - Atomic Theory
Worksheet - Developing Models of Matter (textbook questions)
Worksheet - Bohr Diagrams

Project - Adopt an Element

Notes - Chemical Symbols and Formulas

Chemistry Test Review Sheet (Answers)


Notes - Intro to Electricity
Lab - Balloon Experiment
Notes - Charging by Friction, Contact, and Induction
Worksheet - Electrostatic Series Questions
Lab - Static Electricity Lab

Notes - Electricity and Electric Circuits
Notes - Voltage and Cells
Video - The Battery
Interactive - Building a Circuit
Worksheet/Computer Activity - Building Circuits

Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only)
Click to Run

Notes - Series and Parallel Circuits
Worksheet - Ohm's Law 1 (with answers to check)
Worksheet - Ohm's Law 2

Notes - Power (Watts)
Worksheet - Power Problems
Worksheet - Kilowatt Hour Problems

Electricity Test Review Sheet (with answers!)

Notes - Renewable Energy Basics
Notes - Solar Electricity
Worksheet - Renewable Energy Questions

Project - Renewable Energy Bristol Board Project


Notes - Planets and the Solar System
Worksheet - A Closer Look at the Planet Questions
Notes - The Sun and Earth
Worksheet - The Sun: An Important Star Questions
Notes - The Moon
Presentation - Rubric for Space Presentation

Chemistry Exam Review (answers)
Electricity Review (answers)

Chris Hadfield Presentation