Course Syllabus


Notes - Intro to Chemistry (Sept. 8th)

Notes - Chemical and Physical Changes (Sept. 9th)
Worksheet - Elements, Compounds, Solutions and Mixtures

Notes - Periodic Table Intro (Sept. 12th)
Handout Sheet - Periodic Table (Sept. 12th)
Worksheet - Element Names/Symbols and the Periodic Table (Sept. 12th)
Worksheet - Classifying Matter (Sept. 12th)
Worksheet - Subatomic Particles (Sept. 13th)

Notes - Bohr Diagrams (Sept. 14 - 15th)
Worksheet - Periodic Table and Ion Charges

Chemistry Test #1 Review Sheet (Sept. 20th)

Notes - Ionic Compounds (Sept. 19th)
Worksheet - Ionic Compounds Worksheet (Sept. 23rd)

Notes - Polyatomic Ions (Sept. 26th)
Worksheet - Polyatomic Compounds Worksheet (Sept 26th)

Notes - Molecular Compounds (Sept. 29th)
Worksheet - Molecular Compounds Worksheet (Sept 29th)

Review - Compounds Review Worksheet

Worksheet - Counting Atoms #1 (Oct. 3rd)
Worksheet - Counting Atoms #2 (Oct. 3rd)
Notes - Reactants and Products (Oct. 3rd)
Notes - Balancing Chemical Equations (Oct. 4th)
Worksheet - Balancing Chemical Equations with Solutions (Oct 5th)
Worksheet - Balancing Chemical Equations (Extra Problems) (Oct 11th)

Chemistry Test #2 Review Sheet (Oct. 12th)


Notes - Microscopes (Oct. 17th)
Worksheet - Microscopes Worksheet (Oct. 18th)

Notes - Cell Biology (Oct. 19th)
Video Link - Cell Parts and Functions
Video Link - Animal Cells
Video Link - Plant Cells
Worksheet - Cell Components Worksheet
Notes - Cell Division 1
Worksheet - Cell Division and the Cell Cycle

Project - Cell City Poster Project

Biology Test #1 Review Sheet (with answers!)

Notes - Division of Cells 2
Video Link - Meiosis
Video Link - Difference Between Meiosis and Mitosis
Video Link - Meiosis and Genetic Variance
Worksheet - Sexual Reproduction Questions

Notes - Reproduction
Worksheet - Cancer and Asexual Reproduction

Biology Test #2 Review Sheet


Notes - Significant Digits, Rearranging Equations
Worksheet - Rearranging Equations
Worksheet - Significant Digits Worksheet
Notes - Motion
Notes - Average Speed
Worksheet - Distance, Velocity and Time Worksheet
Notes - Acceleration
Worksheet - Acceleration


Chemistry Review (Answers)
Reproduction Review (Answers)
Motion Review (Answers)