Chemistry 11 - Notes, Assignments, and Worksheets

Intro to Chemistry (Chp 1&2)
Notes - What is Chemistry? (Sept 7th)
Notes - Properties of Matter (Sept. 8th)
Notes - Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures (Sept. 12th)
Worksheet - Chapter 1 and 2 Practice Quiz

Atomic Structure (Chp 4)
Notes - History of the Atom (Sept. 13 - 14th)
Notes - Structure of the Atom (Sept. 14th - 15th)
Questions - Chapter 4 Summary Questions (Sept. 15-16th)

Models of the Atom (Chp 5)
Notes - Electrons in Atoms (Sept. 16th - 19th)
Notes - Electron Arrangement in Atoms (Sept. 20th - 23rd)
Worksheet - Electron Orbitals and Probability 1 (Sept. 20th - 23rd)
Worksheet - Electron Orbitals and Probability 2 (Sept. 20th - 23rd)
Pre-Test - Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5 Test Review

The Periodic Table (Chp 6)
Notes - Organizing the Table (Sept. 28th)
Notes - Classifying the Elements (Sept. 28th)
Notes - Periodic Trends (Sept. 29th)
Pre-Test - Chapter 6 Test Review (Oct. 3rd)

Ionic and Metallic Bonding (Chp 7)
Notes - Ions (Oct. 11th)
Notes - Ionic Bonds and Compounds (Oct. 12th)
Notes - Bonding in Metals (Oct. 12th)

Covalent Bonding (Chp 8)
Notes - Molecular Compounds (Oct. 14th)
Notes - The Nature of Covalent Bonding (Oct, 17th - 18th)
Notes - VSEPR Theory (Oct. 19th)

Chemical Names and Formulas (Chp 9)
Worksheet - Formulas and Names of Ions (Oct. 28th)
Worksheet - Ionic Compounds (Oct. 31st)
Worksheet - Polyatomic Ions (Oct. 31st)
Worksheet - Molecular Compounds (Oct. 31st)
Notes - Naming and Writing Formulas, Acids and Bases (Nov 3rd-4th)

Chemical Quantities (Chp 10)
Notes - A Mole - A Measurement of Matter (Nov 7th)
Notes - Mole-Mass and Mole-Volume Relationships (Nov. 14-15th)
Worksheet - Exercise on Moles, Grams, and Particles (Nov 10th)
Notes - Percent Composition and Chemical Formulas (Nov. 17-18th)

Chemical Reactions (Chp 11)
Notes - Describing Chemical Reactions
Notes - Types of Chemical Reaction
Notes - Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

Stoichiometry (Chp 12)
Notes - Stoichiometry Intro
Notes - Chemical Reactions
Notes - Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield

Solutions (Chp 16)
Notes - Properties of Solutions
Notes - Concentrations of Solutions

Exam Review Materials
Exam Review Sheet
Formula Sheet (will be given to you at the exam)