Notes - Homeostasis

The Digestive System
Assignment - Food and Nutrition Worksheet
Notes - Digestion
Notes - Digestion (Part 2)
Assignment - Digestive System

The Excretory System
Notes - The Excretory System
Assignment - The Kidney Worksheet

The Circulatory System
Notes - Circulatory System Intro and Vessels
Notes - The Heart
Assignment - Questions on the Circulatory System
Assignment - Circulatory System and the Heart
Notes - Blood and the Lymphatic System
Test Review - Circulation, Blood and the Lymphatic System

Respiratory System
Notes - Respiration
Questions - Respiration Textbook Questions

Immune System
Notes - Immune System
Worksheet - Smoking and the Immune System (Uses part of the Respiratory System as well)
Worksheet - The Immune System Response Questions

Test Review - Respiratory and Immune System Test Review

Notes - Taxonomy Intro (Dichotomy Key Assignment at end of slides)
Assignment - Classifying 5 Organisms
Project - Animal Project
Notes - Viruses and Bacteria
Notes - Protista
Questions - Kingdom Protista Questions
Notes - Fungi
Questions - Kingdom Fungi Questions
Notes - Plantae
Questions - Kingdom Plantae Questions
Notes - Material to know from the presentations
Notes - Chordata